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  WEEK 6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8 WEEK 9 WEEK 10 TOTAL                
RANK NAME W L L W L W L W L W L PD WINS Total w/drop wk BYE   180s Lowest Game Hi-Out
1 Benny Amodei 1 0 2 0             3 0 10 3     x 1   129,108
2 Jim Newman 1 1 2 0             3 1 9 3     x 2 13,13,14,14 124,101
3 Todd Harrington 1 1 1 1 1 0         3 2 5 3     x 1 15  
4 Phil Sroka 0 0 1 1             1 1 3 1     x   16 124
5 Eric Matkowski 1 0 0 2 0 1         1 3 -10 1     x     95,111
6 Dave Wintz 0 2 0 2             0 4 -17 0     x     96
7 Eddie Konstanty 7 2 8 1             15 3   15     x     107
8 Timmy O'Brien 7 2 8 1             15 3   15     x 4 14  
9 John Hunsberger 8 1 2 7             10 8   10     x 2    
10 MaryJo Chesney 4 5 6 3             10 8   10     x      
11 John Rafa 6 3 3 6             9 9   9     x   19  
12 Scott Henning 0 0 9 0             9 0   9     x   16  
13 George Barrett 3 6 5 4             8 10   8     x      
14 Jo Jo Kerns 0 0 7 2             7 2   7     x     117
15 Mike Murray 4 5 2 7             6 12   6     x      
16 Joe Novak 3 6 3 6             6 12   6     x      
17 Russ Jasinski 5 4 0 0             5 4   5       1    
18 Mark Smerczynski 3 6 2 7             5 13   5     x 1    
19 Paulie Seladones 0 0 4 5             4 5   4     x      
20 John O'Neill 0 0 3 6             3 6   3     x      
21 Joey McCaffrey 1 8 1 8             2 16   2     x      
22 Anthony Marchei 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            
23 Brian Sweeney 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            
24 Brad Ehly 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            
25 Dieter Herrmann 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            
26 Timmy Dougherty 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            
27 Terri Marcello 0 0 0 0             0 0   0            




The ASL Rules and Regulations


Chairman of the Board – Anthony Marchei

President – Timothy O’Brien

Vice President- Benny Amodei

Treasurer- Anthony Marchei

Secretary – Russ Jasinski

Director – Paul Seladones

Director- George Barrett

Director – Ed Konstanty


Founded in 2006, the purpose of the Advanced Singles League, ASL, is to promote darts in the Philadelphia area by providing a venue for players who wish to improve their individual game, as well as providing a platform for players to earn the right to be sponsored at major tournaments. Members of the ASL and will maintain friendly, competitive relationships with similar organizations involved in the sport of darts.  The ASL is a singles league format that will run on Thursday nights along with QCEDL. The ASL is an open league for any player regardless of age, sex, ability level or geographic location. However no player may be associated with QCEDL as a Thursday or Tuesday night team player and the ASL during the same season.

Playing Location:

Tacony Billiard’s – All matches must be played at this location. Any exception must be approved by the officers and directors prior to any match outside this location.  


ZERO Every player must sell 40 raffles at $5.00 each. The prizes are as follows”

2 Phillies Season Ticket Packages.

1 -14 Game Sunday Package Section 138 row 11 seats 1&2

1-17 Game Sunday Package Section 330 row 1 seats 3&4
Payable within the first 5 weeks of play. No exceptions.
Also a $5.00 50/50 will be run every week to help fund the league.


20 weeks, broken into four - 5 week quarters plus one tournament after each 10 week half.


All Singles
This is a two bracket system consisting of the top 6 as A Bracket and the rest of the field as B Bracket.  The first 5 weeks of play the format is LOD into groups of four with round robin play within your group.  We simply draw cards to determine who falls into which group and play is according to the board sheet.  Every player will play 3 games against 3 opponents per night. We use a simple point system – One Win equals One Point.   At the end of the first quarter, the top 6 players in terms of points moves to the A bracket, and the rest of the field stays in the B bracket.
We then play out another five weeks with the B bracket functioning as in the first quarter.  The top 6 will play each other in scheduled matches (some week’s one match and some week’s two matches). The format will be 5 sets, best of 3 legs.  After each half, we will have an LOD tournament for all players with a Prize for the top Players (4-8).

B Bracket Rule:  In order to move up at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters, you must have played a minimum of 3 out of 5 weeks in the quarter for your games to count.

All dues paid or otherwise raised are for the use of sponsoring our players for various tournaments. The ASL awards the top players from each bracket (to be announced) a fully paid room and entry for the singles event of that tournament chosen by ASL. In the event that player cannot attend that tournament, the player will receive the cash equivalent of that prize. We will see what the P.D.C. comes out with or the best tournament out there.

Sponsored Players:

All sponsored players of the ASL are expected to represent our city and league with dignity and class. For this reason the ASL will impose a dress code for any tournament sponsored player for Saturday only. The dress code is simply to wear our polo shirt that will be provided, not our league shirt but our tournament shirt, no white sneakers and no blue jeans. Any breach is this dress code or misconduct during the events on Saturday will be addressed by the officers and directors of the ASL and will enforce any decision render at that meeting. In the event it’s one of the officers or directors being reprimanded he or she will not be present at that meeting. The officers and director reserves the right to seek outside advice for players, spectators or tournament directors to better render a decision.    


September 8th 2011 - playing schedule per QCEDL Thursday night schedule.

Round Robin brackets will be drawn at 8:20 each night.  If you are running late but will be there by 8:45 you must call someone to put you into the draw, otherwise you will not be able to play that night.


All ASL Members are still members of QCEDL and are entitled to all rights and privileges of QCEDL members such as qualifying for Mr./Ms. Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Hall of Fame, voting for officers and board members and competing in QCEDL functions .  


The ASL will cap the roster at 32 players. The ASL has the right to add new members at any time provided the ASL has an open slot for such player, and provided that such a player is qualified to be a member of the ASL. No player can quit a team of QCEDL just to join the ASL during the regular season. In the event a team folds due to lack of players, bar closing or any other reasonable event in which such player can no longer play for QCEDL, the board of both QCEDL and ASL will make a decision on letting such player participate in the ASL or have to wait until the season restarts the following year to join.    


8 new boards will be provided for the ASL.  It’s the responsibility of all members to insure these boards are put up and taken down every Thursday night. Storage will be provided on site.

Every board will have either a dry erase board or electronic if available. In the event a player feels the equipment is not suitable for a match, they should advise an officer or director prior to the match being played. No protest can be made about equipment after a match has been played.  


Every player in the A bracket and every board in the B bracket will have their own score card. It’s the responsibility of the players to fill these out properly. If you need assistance filling these out, you should ask an officer or director prior to the start of the match. No corrections will be made to the score sheets after that nights play, no exceptions. All score sheets will be handed in to Benny at the end of each night.    


All ASL players are required to donate $20.00 for the Cancer Shoot. For the other shoots, (Can Drive, USO Toy Shoot, Autism Shoot) will either be a bottle for a basket of cheer or a cash donation.




Matches played at Tacony Billiards, 6201 Keystone Street

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