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Mike & Loraine Naulty Fund

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March 22 2007 Northeast Times
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Circumluminator in Philly!!

What is the Circumluminator? Read Dartoid's article.

I got Scott Harrison to send me a Circumluminator and I hung it up at Joker's Bar and Grill. I asked everyone to shoot darts on it and everyone loved it. Many told me they thought it was the BEST DART LIGHT they ever seen. Terri Marcella shot her scheduled match on it and hit a 180. I took a picture of her and her darts. Look at the shadows for the darts.... Oh wait, they aren't any!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

Please stop by Jokers Bar and Grill and see for yourself. It really is something else. Who thought one could get exciting about a Dart Light? Post you thoughts about the Circumluminator here.

Check out Scott's site here. 



Champps Americana Dart $1000 Tournament

Winners: Bill Davis - Russ Jasinski


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The Coors Light Commentator
With little more than a comb-over and a catch phrase, a good sports commentator can make even golf watch-able. We got to thinking- what separates these high-paid network pros from the average, opinionated, know-it-all fan?

Coors Light stopped by Jokers Bar and Grill 10-14-2005
Look who made it on the Coors Light website.

Just go to then login.
Then click  
Coors Light Commentator Button

Then enter the video number for the person you want to see in the "Search for a video"

Or on the left click


> Philadelphia

             >> Week of 10-9-2005






Fire!!  BULLSHOTS Bar is gutted..

Sad.. It was a great Dart Bar!

Before the Fire...

During and after the fire...

"What do you love best about the good old USA?"

Tony McCarron (QCEDL Board member) at Cooper Park, NJ
July 4th 2005

watch video

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I'm sadden to announce JOE KENNEDY owner of CANNONBALL has died

Sat. June 18, 2011

Details here !!