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Here's what's new...

  • NEW PAGE - Aug 28, 2002: Added Tournament Results page. now I can have a Tournaments page and keep the results on there own page. It will make it easier to see what tournaments you should go to.

  • July 1, 2002: Changed Web Hosting service. Details

  • NEW SECTION! June 12th 2002: Added Summer League Standings

  • June 1st 2002: Added Cricket Challenge Schedule

  • May 15th 2002: Added Jacket Shoots results to the QCEDL standings page. This way you can see who's in the Jacket shoot plus see the final weeks standings.

  • NEW SECTION! April 2002: Added Dartoids World  Articles to PhillyDarts

  • April 27th 2002: Fix page counter for the main front page ( www.phillydarts.com) . It's counting again!

  • April 25th 2002: Added both Virginia Beach Tournaments

  • April 23rd 2002: Fixed pop-up player window. Now you can once again get info on each team by clicking their team name.

  • April 21s 2002t: Posted results from Ms. Philadelphia shoot.

  • April 20th 2002: Dan Peek sent me the 2nd articles for PhillyDarts. Read the April Article

  • April 17th 2002: Redid the "Post your 180 / 171" page. Post your shots now

  • April 15th 2002: Organized web pages under correct leagues. Since I have 4 leagues I move the DART PAPERWORK under QCEDL Standings, etc

  • NEW SECTION! April 12th 2002: Added Summer Leagues section to PhillyDarts. Allows the viewer to post their own info

  • NEW SECTION! Now have standings for WOPASL Women's league

  • Added more info to the OEDL section

  • NEW FEATURE!  Added Team History to the QCEDL standings

  • JAN 21, 2002- New Message Forum. Post your comments and questions

  • PhillyDarts Product page added. I had some "Got Darts?" window clings made. Help support this website and display to everyone you shoot darts!.

  • NEW FEATURE!  Custom PhillyDarts Tell us your name and Division and the website will customize links on Custom PhillyDarts page and others. Quickest way to get your League standings, etc. Very cool. (Enter info. HERE)

  • Corrected 180 - 171 post forum. If you shot a 180 or 171 you can now post it for all to see.

  • NEW SECTION! Added section for WOPASL (Women of Philadelphia Advanced Singles League) 
    Mixed Triples Dart shoot Nov 7th. Details 

  • NEW FEATURE! Added a Schedule Wizard to display schedules 

  • NEW FEATURE! Added Players Search page to search for players by name. On the QCEDL Teams & Standings page

  • Added Schedules  to the WOPEDL Standings page.

  • Missing Scores. Look at the list of Teams without scores. Maybe you can help us get the scores. Added Penalty Points list.

  • Published Photos from the World Trade Center shoot. 

  • Added a Teams search page to search for Teams by name. On the QCEDL Teams & Standings page

  • Division 1 & 2 download and print out the CORRECT format. 
    The games are the same, just in a different order. Go to the Paperwork section for more details.

  • I created a process to submit Team and Players spelling errors directly to the Recording Secretary. Go to the Standings Wizard off QCEDL Teams & Standings page. Once you select your division, click on your team name. You will see the link below the players name. Click it!. If you have the mailed standings click here

  • Added some video's to the Web Video section. Comcast SportsNet video

  • Corrected email list error. You can now sign up for the newsletters.

  • Printable Standings and Schedules. On the Standings Wizard page you'll find two new links to print either the Standings or Schedule. Also there's a link on the QCEDL Players page to print the Schedule. On the Print Pages I just removed the Navigation bars and cleaned it up to print on one sheet of paper.

  • WOPEDL Standings Online WOPEDL Standings  (Women of Philadelphia English Dart League)

Enjoy. Send me feedback on this site.