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2st Annual Larry Wiz Memorial
Cricket Championship
of Philadelphia

Qualifiers 2008

Amodei, Benny
Barrett, George
Bauer, Keith
Broderick, Mike
Calpin, Brian
Cassidy, Dan
Chesney, MaryJo
Davis, Bill
Dooling, Jerry
Fair, Mark
Formenko, Al
Furphy, Joe
Hicks, Walt
Holland, John
Jasinski, Russ
Keen, Dick
Konstanty, Ed
Lamonde, Sonny
Marello, Terri
McKenzie, Brian
Newman, Jim
Newsome, John
Povernick, Eric
Reighn, Steve
Rutter, Paul
Seladones, Paul
Siroka, Phil
Sweeney, Mick
Wolf Jr., Ray
Wright, John
Yourman, Gary
Zaccairo, Joe


1st Annual Larry Wiz Memorial
Cricket Championship
of Philadelphia

Congratulations to
Phil Siroka
(QCEDL ASL) who won the Cricket shoot and

Keith Bauer for 2nd place.
Barney Barnstead placed 3rd.

Keith Bauer (left), Phil Siroka (center), Bob Brookes (right)

Ok all you Cricket Shooters, here it is. This shoot is open to all Philly Dart Shooters, both men and women. You MUST be in the building at time of Registration! NO PHONE CALLS will be accepted. There is a ten point registration fee. All points go directly to shooters.

If there are any questions I can be reached on my cell at: (215) 820-2754.

Good Luck and Thank You. Bob Brookes. Heres the schedule:


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